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Anti scale and anti corrosion chemicals GREEN DX 220

Anti scale and anti corrosion chemicals GREEN DX 220

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Troubles such as scale formation, corrosion and slime formation may occur in the cooling water system, when water quality control and treatment for cooling water are inadequate.
GREEN DX 220 is a chemical for cooling water treatment, which may inhibit both scale formation and corrosion with one single composite formulation. Slime formation may also be prevented when a slime control agent is applied together with the GREEN DX 220.
  1. Excellent dispersion 
The dispersant contained in the chemical effectively inhibits calcium scale formation on heat exchanger tubes, which tolerates higher
hardness level in the cooling water. 
  1. Excellent corrosion inhibition 
The corrosion inhibitors contained in the chemical effectively inhibits
corrosion of iron and copper surfaces in the cooling water system. 
  1. Applicable with slime control agents 
Applying a slime control agent together with the chemical may also
prevent slime formation. 
  1. Energy is saved 
Heat transfer efficiency is lowered and excessive energy is consumed, when scales and slimes adhere to the surface of heat exchanger tubes.
Energy may be saved by the application of the chemical. 
  1. The chemical is dosed in the cooling water tank or in the cooling water pipes. The standard dosage level is 100 mg/L in cooling water.
  2. Chemical feeding pumps should be resistant to acids, and storage tanks made of plastics should be used.



DX 220




Light yellow liquid

pH *


Specific gravity *


Freezing point





20-kg polyethylene container


<<Handling Information>>

(1)Store in a cool and dark place to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. 

(2)Wear protective goggles, gloves or other clothing to avoid contact with

eyes or skin. 


<<First Aid Information>>

(1)In case of contact with skin or clothing, flush with plenty of water immediately. See a physician if necessary. 

             (2)In case of contact with the eyes, flush with plenty of water immediately and see a physician

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