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Slime, bacteria control Chemicals GREEN SX 820

Slime, bacteria control Chemicals GREEN SX 820

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Microbial growth in cooling water systems, if uncontrolled, causes fouling, decreased heat transfer efficiency or reduced water flow (plugged tube) and promotes metal corrosion. 

GREEN SX 820 exhibits superb performance to solve the troubles caused by microbial growth.



  1. Suitable for slime removal by intermittent dosing. 
  2. Effective for controlling algae and bacteria, including legionnaire disease.



For open and closed recirculating cooling water systems and other cooling water systems.

<<Physical Properties>>
Light yellow liquid
pH (1%, 25℃) *
Specific gravity *
Freezing point
<<Procedure for application>> 
Dose the chemical intermittently in the cooling water to the standard dosage of 200-500 mg/L of the total water volume of the system. This concentration should vary with the severity of microbial fouling. For open recirculating systems, dose once every 3-7 days. Dose at points where water is stirred vigorously in the cooling tower pit. The initial or intermittent dosing should better be performed just before any shutdown of the system. 
20-kg polyethylene container
<<Safe Handling Information>>
  1. Store in a cool and dark place to avoid direct sunlight. 
  2. Wear chemical splash goggles (to protect eyes) and impervious gloves or the like (to protect skin) when handling. 
  3. Before handling, be sure to read “Material Safety Date Sheet” on GREEN SX 820.
<<First Aid Information>>
  1. In case of contact with skin and / or clothing, flush with plenty of water without delay. If necessary, see a physician. 
  2. In case of contact with the eyes, flush with plenty of water and see a physician.